Our story

      I was raised in Anchorage Alaska; in a single parent home, where my mother worked multiple jobs to take care of her 3 children. Often times I watched my mother work and have very little time to pamper herself. My freshman year of high school my mother moved us to New Jersey, where she found a new job and aimed to provide myself and my two siblings with a new life, and that she did. Unfortunately, after many years of hard work and minimal rest, my mother became ill and was diagnosed with a skin condition that doctors still have not found a diagnosis for. For many years, I helped her to do her daily skin routine which involved applying multiple creams and wraps to help with dry, raw, chaffed and cracked skin. My mother is just one of many family members who suffers from a skin condition, as many other members of my family also suffer from another skin condition, eczema. My family has inspired me over the years as I've watched them try many things to help heal, treat and nurture their skin, which is why I started Divine Light Bath Co. I decided to formulate these products not only to aide and assist in healing, but also to be a staple brand for bringing back “me time” in the lives of many who forget to put themselves first. I have formulated these products using natural and organic, plant based ingredients. After must research, I fell in love with natures medicine and my mission is to create high quality, hand crafted skin care for not only my family but also for yours.